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Kingscourt Nursing Home is a nineteen bedded facility which provides nursing care, accommodation and a wide range of services for adults with a learning disability and those with superimposed mental health problems. Kingscourt also meets the needs of adults with sensory impairment, physical disability and behavioural issues.

Since its inception, Kingscourt has developed a reputation as a home which provides a high quality service for residents with a variety of nursing needs in a safe, stimulating and comfortable environment. Kingscourt is staffed by a multidisciplinary team which posses the requisite expertise and experience to meet the needs of its residents.



Our primary aim is to ensure that each resident receives the best possible tailored package of care which is appropriate to their assessed individual needs. The dominant philosophy of our care is ‘normalisation’. To this end the focus of our philosophy of care involves, enabling and empowering our residents to make informed decisions and exercise choice, as far as is possible, over all aspects of their life and care within Kingscourt.